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Bolcato Stefano - First Aid article

Arzignano, Bolcato “the first aid of the drum”

BOLCATO STEFANO GROUP S.r.l. gurantees an immediate technical assistance, also thanks to the support of its specialized staff, frequently with free loan of spare parts during the fixing period to minimize the customer production downtime.

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Moreover, it makes available a wide range of spare parts, offering both new and second-hand alternatives.

You can look for an anticipation of some of our proposals below:

And many more …

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BOLCATO STEFANO GROUP S.r.l. meets the needs by suppling other different types of equipment and components for the full production cycle of the leather processing and also plans efficient solutions to supply machines and filters for the water treatment, especially to separate the working waste ( such as muds and fur ) to the water and to clean it.

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